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Our Bakery

Les Délices (meaning the delights) French Bakery opened its doors on December 12th, 1987 with the mission of providing delicious, flavorful pastries to the Washington DC area. We believe dessert should not be overly sweet, while providing a lasting memory long after it has been enjoyed. While exercising our passion, it has been our mission to preserve Artisan techniques and traditions of French Pastry.


Les Délices has been a family owned and operated establishment since we opened our doors 36 years ago. We believe you are only as strong as the team you surround yourself with, and what better team could there be than family? We take pride in the consistency and quality of our diverse product line, as well as our close relationships
with our loyal customers!

In 2010, Les Délices Bakery

expanded its line of Gluten-Free pastries. We saw the struggle of the gluten-free community when searching for delicious desserts, as well as the deprivation they felt resulting from their dietary needs. Les Délices French Bakery believes dietary restrictions should not limit one from enjoying flavorful desserts. We are constantly experimenting with flavor combinations to create a diverse and delicious variety of gluten-free products!

Les Délices Bakery supports the local community by purchasing produce from local family farms. Supporting local farmers, preserves the genetic diversity of crop varieties, reduces our carbon footprint, and ultimately results in sustainable agribusiness. We have cultivated relationships with local farmers for over 32 years, and thank them for their dedication, expertise, and flavorful varieties of late season harvests used in our delicious desserts!


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